The plastic pumpkin and eco-friendly trick-or-treat alternatives.

5 Eco-Friendly Trick-or-Treat Buckets for Halloween

We have all grown to recognize those orange plastic pumpkin buckets that hold our Halloween candy haul.  But do we really need to keep buying those? They are cheap, not environmentally friendly, and frankly I think we can find something that will hold ALOT more candy. Not to mention the handles tend to fall off. We scoured the Halloween marketplace high and low for 5 environmentally friendlier alternatives to the great plastic pumpkin bucket.

Environmentally friendly Trick or Treat bucket alternatives.

1. Trick or Treat Small Bucket,
2 & 3. Pumpkin Pillowcase & Felt Bat Bag,
4. Ghost Trick or Treat Bag,
5. Vintage Cat/Pumpkin Basket,

We love these adorable candy keepers! They work no matter your costume, but if you are need of any costume ideas, we'd be happy to suggest our Bat Wings or Dragon Wings for an environmentally friendly costume!


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