fairy tea party with butterfly cake

Host a Magical Flower Fairy Tea Party

fairy tea party table setting with butterfly cake

My toddler, Juniper, has voiced her love of fairies since she began to speak. When she recently began talking about tea parties, I knew I had to incorporate her love of fairies as a theme, and turn it into a whimsical, magical flower fairy tea party in the woods!

girl wearing white butterfly wings at fairy tea party

As I began to brainstorm details, I drew inspiration from the abundant spring blooms around me. From foraged ingredients, edible flowers, to pressed flower tapered candles - I knew each tiny detail would really bring this tea party to life and make it feel that much more magical. 

I feel like the best centerpiece for any party table scape is a cake. With Juniper’s love of dandelions, I made foraged dandelion cake with a simple frosting adorned with butterflies. The wood slice cake stand on top of the faux moss table runner really brought the theme to life. 

A wild violet lemonade, mushroom shaped mini pies, butterfly cucumber sandwiches, and a fruit salad topped with edible flowers made up the rest of our menu for our spring flower fairy inspired tea party. I love to create a menu based around what can be foraged in the current season. Using cookie cutters to cut out thematic shapes for sandwiches, pies, and more, is such a simple way to elevate the look of food you are serving and make it become part of your table décor.   

girl wearing spotted butterfly wings at tea party
fruit salad with strawberries and pansy flowersbutterfly sandwiches and mushroom shaped pies
cicely mary barker flower fairy bunting


Decorations are always my favorite part of planning any party. I love integrating vintage pieces like the ceramic mushroom tea set and brass candle holders I used for this tea party. Fresh flowers, a Cicely Mary Barker flower fairy bunting, and bee and flower tea spoons all made for extra special details. 

Of course, no fairy tea party is complete without a pair of wings, and the Spotted Butterfly Wings were perfect for the occasion! Juniper had so much fun pretending to fly around like a butterfly. 

Have you ever hosted a tea party for your little ones? I feel like it is such a great way to let your creativity flow and have a special occasion with your children that sparks their imagination. 

table setting for fairy tea party

McKenna Buck Hoover is an artist, nature-loving creator, and mother of two to Juniper Fawn and Cedar Fox. You can find her on instagram @mckennabuck and on tiktok @mckennabuck.

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