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Mushroom Hunt and Painting Activity for Kids

One of my favorite springtime activities is to hunt morel mushrooms up in the hills of our home in Appalachian Kentucky. My toddlers love to try to help, but often tire out before we have found many! So this spring I came up with a way they can feel included in the mushroom hunting excitement at their own pace. 

Girl wearing luna moth costume wingsFirst, I ordered some wooden mushrooms to paint. I found ours on Amazon, but there are other affordable and well-made options out there, as well!

Then, the kids and I spent an evening painting them with acrylic paint. (You could easily use whatever paint you have on hand, if acrylic isn’t your thing!) I definitely recommend using a cover of some kind to protect the table or whatever surface you are using to paint– these mushrooms tend to roll when knocked over and we don’t want paint getting everywhere! Let the mushrooms dry for at least eight hours to ensure they are fully dry on all sides. 

mushroom painting activity
Now, we are ready to start hunting! Grab a basket or bowl of some sort and gather all of your mushrooms together. I had the kids wait on the porch while I hid all of their mushrooms around the yard (I made sure to take note of where I hid them, so as not to leave any behind!). The kiddos had a blast finding them in the grass, the flower beds, and even on top of the chicken coop! They even took turns hiding them for one another after our initial hunt. The great thing about the mushrooms being wooden is that we can use them again and again. We hunt for these same mushrooms week after week and the kids still love it! My oldest really loves wearing her Luna Moth Wings as she hunts them; she says she is a magical moth fairy mushroom hunter.
girl in forest wearing luna moth costume

I should also add, the kids use their wooden mushrooms to play in their toy kitchen and in our fairy garden. This has truly been a craft that just keeps finding more and more fun in our home! I am sure we will find more ideas for them soon!

Michelle Martin is a hobby photographer and educator who enjoys creating whimsical and magical moments every day with her two woodland babes. You can find her on instagram @raisingwoodlandbabies

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