Printable Butterfly Identification Activity for Kids

Printable Butterfly Identification Activity for Kids

Go on a butterfly hunt! Here is a fun and educational North American butterfly identification activity that will introduce children to the most common butterfly species in the US.  Have your child put on their explorer hats, print out the free butterfly identification guide and checklist below, and see how many of these beauties you can spot! Add up your points at the end and see how many you can find! 

Common North American Butterflies

Then, have your children color in the butterfly markings and discuss why different butterflies may have different colors?

See if you can spot the following common North American Butterflies around your local park or neighborhood: Monarch, Swallowtail, Cabbage White, Spring Azure and Clouded Sulphur. Check out our matching Clouded Sulphur Butterfly Wings, Spotted Butterfly Wings and Monarch Butterfly Wings for dressing up!

Free printable butterfly hunt guide for kids.

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