Handmade rainbow unicorn headband and wings are perfect for your pegasus lovers!

Unicorn Themed Party

If you've got a little girl, chances are, she's unicorn OBSESSED, and has asked for a unicorn themed party.  Here's our must haves for unicorn themed gifts, unicorn party favors, unicorn party decorations, all the the enchanted things in between!  
Unicorn Themed Party Must Have List
1.  First up on our list is a sure hit.  A perfect unicorn birthday gift, or a fabulous unicorn outfit for the party girl to wear on her big day (and whenever else the magical mood strikes!) Jack Be Nimble's  newly released hand painted unicorn wings are SO fun.  Colorful, unique, and durably made out of of canvas, for all the running, jumping, and neighing your kid can dish out.  
2. Something about modeling clay or play doh never goes out of style, regardless of the age.  Land of Dough is a favorite of mine for their vibrant colors and compostable glitter.  Their unicorn dream natural play doh makes for a solid party favor that isn't just plastic grab bags to be thrown out or forgotten a few days later. 
3. These sticker books are my 6 year olds absolute favorite.  She asks for one every Christmas and birthday, and I have no problem complying!  Brain Games makes a ton of sticker by number books.  Great for fine motor skills, winding down, and an easy activity to do independently or a project to work on together, they make for an easy and affordable unicorn themed gift.  
4. For your older unicorn lovers, here is a hands-on craft to make their own enchanted friend.  Woolpets creates a beginners hand felting unicorn kit.  The reviews on this are really great, and parents seem to agree that this is easy to follow and a fun project for them and the kids both!  This would be a great unicorn gift, or something to do before the big day as an adorable waldorf unicorn birthday party decoration! 
5. Back to unicorn party favors, because these are just too cool to pass up! These hand made non toxic crayons are of course, unicorn shaped!  Kages Krayons are THE place for fun and creative crayons, and even have custom name crayon options.  A few of these with our Land of Dough together would create a great sustainable unicorn party favor option. 
6. Our last pick for a unicorn themed birthday party is an organic cotton rainbow unicorn, with a great cause.  These hand knit winged cuties are made by a Kenyan women's cooperative called Kenana Knitters.  They are described as "a knitting cooperative in Njoro, Kenya that employs a community of more than 300 women in a rural farming area. In addition to supplementing the women's income, sales also fund community action for education and health services."  Well worth every penny in my book! 
Let the magic of the unicorn, and most importantly childhood live on! 
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