Some fun and new ideas for playing with you Waldorf playstand

Ways to Incorporate Your Waldorf Playstand into Everyday Imaginative Play

Have you been on the fence about getting a Waldorf playstand? Or maybe you have one and have felt uninspired or thought it has run its course?  We have compiled some great ideas from an indoor treehouse, to a camping dramatic play center.  We dive deeper into dress up costumes, with parent and kid friendly storage.  So let's see how to best utilize and get creative using your Waldorf playstand for imaginative play.

Let's Play Dress Up

One of the most natural ways to create an inviting imaginative play area is through dress up.  Draping a shiny fabric around you as a cape, mom's floral dress quickly becomes the queen's gown its so organic and easy.  The Waldorf play stand is a really easy way to nurture the love of dress up.  If you want to give your child lots of options, grab some hangers that are there size and hang them one of the inner racks.  They are down low enough to where they can grab them on their own, and *hopefully* put them back when they are done.  If less suits them better, grab a few staple pieces and hang them on the outer support dowels.  You can rotate the dress up costumes every few weeks to keep it fresh and exciting, while also cutting down on clean up to make it more manageable for littles.  Scrap fabric makes for an easy and open ended costume piece.  I often keep a bin that's open for the kiddos to have. And love watching them tie a shiny belt around their waist to be swashbuckling pirates.  Or cutting a hole in some tulle to create a ballerina skirt.  If you're looking for some heirloom quality staples, the butterfly fairy wings from Jack Be Nimble would be a great option.  

This bright and easy to reach set up is inviting a welcoming dress up play area



How to Make an Unforgetable Dramatic Play Center

 I feel, that this is where the Waldorf Playstand shines.  There are so many options that can fit under the umbrella of a dramatic play center.  I've definitely fallen into the Pinterest rabbit hole, of becoming super inspired, only to set my phone down feeling overwhelmed.  I think this is an opportunity for parents to have fun and feel creative too.  Role playing is a great way for children to regulate their own emotions and problem solve.  Having a space where they can act of "real life" is fantastic for that.  Setting up a a kitchen space is a really easy and functional use of the Waldorf play stand.  

A little wooden kitchen is a staple to last for years


It can be as simple as using discarded bowls and mixing utensils around the house, or heading to Goodwill for some.  I picked up a flour sifter there, that although its something I would never have use for in my kitchen, it was a great addition for my kids.  Although I think most people would agree that a play kitchen never goes to waste in their house.  This one I found on Etsy, is made from cherry and in the USA is simply lovely.  

If you want to experience the great outdoors, well... indoors, set up a camping dramatic play area.  Lay out some blankets or sleeping bags.  Take some blankets and drape them over the top of your play stand and create a starry sky.  Bonus if you have twinkle lights!  You can add a few books in there for "tent" story time.  This would also be a great stepping stone to introduce your kid to camping if they haven't yet done so before. 

Two words. Indoor treehouse.  While this isn't one you can quite climb on.  There are other ways you can create the effect and let the imaginative play take hold.  Start by draping a green fabric for your canopy atop your Waldorf play stand.  Now is the time to raid the toy area.  Loose parts play of the nature variety would be best.  Bring in shallow baskets and fill them with pinecones, acorns, and wooden blocks.  What else does your treehouse need?  Have a piker triangle laying around? Bring it in!  Some Grapat wooden mushrooms or play sets? Perfect. Maybe some specimens or moss, or kid safe plants for their treehouse feel.  If you have the means this would be a great way to incorporate your play stand outside as well.   

The Waldorf play stand is really super versatile and able to encompass all sorts of imaginative play.  Don't forget that mixing it up is a great way to give new life to a toy.  

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