Why Buying American Made is an Investment in Your Child's Future.

Why Buying American Made is an Investment in Your Child's Future.

There is something wonderful about giving your child a costume. You give them the opportunity to explore their imagination and enter a world of fantasy where they can be whatever they like. It's a beautiful way of investing in your child's future, by encouraging creativity, imagination and a sense of whimsy. But just as your children need investment in their future, so do the places they will call home as they grow up. They need to become safe and prosperous environments where your child can build a happy home and one day start a family of their own. Well, as it turns out, you can do both at the same time.

Buying American made builds stronger communities.
You often hear a lot of hype about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA, but how exactly does that benefit American communities? Let's take Jack Be Nimble as an example, after all, this is their blog. As you may know, Jack Be Nimble costumes are made in Asheville, North Carolina.  When you buy a costume from a company like Jack Be Nimble, the money you spend doesn't go to far-off factories, sweatshops, large retailers or foreign governments. It goes to skilled American workers and entrepreneurs that form the backbone of the middle class, to taxes that pay for American schools, infrastructure and safety services. In turn, the people at Jack Be Nimble try their best to buy their materials from domestic suppliers, providing yet more jobs to Americans across the country. When people have honest, well-paying jobs, crime rates go down, people invest more in their surroundings and the quality of public services go up. In other words, communities are created where children can have a safe and happy future.

Safe products and supporting companies that care.

Buying American made is not just about where, but also how things are made. Products made in the USA are often manufactured in safer, more humane working conditions and follow stricter environmental and safety standards.
So when you give your child a present that has that Made in USA label on it, you can be sure that it's free of toxic materials and that the people who made it did so in good conditions while receiving a decent wage. Let's once again take Jack Be Nimble as an example. Their costumes are sewn and lovingly hand-painted in well-lit rooms, at comfortable desks, using quality fabrics and non-toxic paints. No sweatshops or lead paint in sight! More than just getting your children safe products that were made in a positive environment, you're also supporting businesses that value the well-being of their employees, the environment and your child over easy profits. And aren't those the kind of companies we want to see survive into the future?

The choice is yours.
Choosing to buy made in USA isn't always easy, especially when prices are higher and you're on a budget. But, even though it's sometimes hard to see, making that choice will pay off many times over! And when you can do so while giving your child a beautiful costume, that's a win-win in my book!

Written by Robert,
Founder at Made By Liberty
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