Let's Celebrate World Book Day 2023

World Book Day

April 23rd is World Book Day.  We here at Jack Be Nimble love any excuse to celebrate reading and promote a love for books in our littles.  World Book Day costumes are becoming more and more popular at schools, so we've got some options of our favorite dress up costumes.  A Stellaluna costume that you'll go batty for.  Some Alice In Wonderland characters,  a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume, and a Dragons Love Tacos costume that is perfect for all taco parties.  

Stellaluna Costume 

Written in 1993, Stellaluna has been praised since day one, and still is very popular among children and adults alike.  Stellaluna is bat that looses her ways and quickly becomes taken in by a family of birds.  Although they are different in many ways, they find common ground together despite their differences, and learn from each other.  A Stellaluna costume for World Book Day would be great for any book lover, or aspiring chriopterlogist.  

Classic children's book Stellaluna  Jack Be Nimble Bat Wings

The Bat Wings are a versatile dress up costume that can be used for World Book Day or everyday play!  A Stellaluna costume could be worn with just wings alone, or paired with a nice bat hat for the extra flair.
Alice in Wonderland 
I don't think Lewis Carrol ever could have expected that the book they published in 1865 would have stood the test of time quite like the way Alice did.   A favorite for its whimsy and creative characters it has been revamped and remade throughout the years, but the story of Alice in Wonderland characters is one that has stuck.
Alice in Wonderland
Queen of Hearts anyone?  Donned in red or black top and coordinating bottoms, with a heart wand and red heart wings, there will be no doubting what favorite (and admittedly fun) villain your child would be dressed as this World Book Day.  
The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
Even those who have never read the Very Hungry Caterpillar will recognize the color and style of Eric Carle's books.  Popular especially with our younger children, it would be perfect for an elementary World Book Day costume.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book 
Our monarch butterfly wings, and cocoon backpack are the perfect duo for the emerging butterfly to make their grand entrance.  An antennae hat added up top can work for either butterfly or your very hungry caterpillar.
Dragons Love Tacos Costume 
If you haven't won this newly popular and award winning children's book, you should pick up a copy now!  Dragons Love Tacos is a quick and halirious story, about well, you guessed it, dragons and their love/hate relationship with tacos. Everyone has hoped on the Dragons Love Tacos train, from stuffed animals, to themed parties, this costume would surly be a recognizable hit for World Book Day.   
Dragons Love Tacos is loved by all  
Dragon wings, and a bony scute hat give your aspiring dragon all the bravado and wingspan they need to comfortably fly around.  I have a feeling these will be a hit on not only World Book Day, but a staple in their dress up trunk as well.
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